genijalna pergola


In the middle of Adriatic, 2 hours at the fast boat speed away from mainland, at barely populated island with less than 80 people averagely aged over 75 years and with negative natural growth since mid last century, we found our place under the sun. Our NGO is a non profit organization founded in 2013. to promote and revitalize the island of Olib.  We are in love with nature, renewable energy, party and sports. We strive to attract young creative and smart people to our paradise look like island with new and innovative experineces, products and services such are "Silent Party" ,"Plić volley", "Sea Weed Pillow", "Crystallized good vibe" etc.

We wanted to share with you a fragment of our life and figure out to do it through our pillows. Scent of the dried sea weed will instantly trigger your summer memories. If you don't have any this scent will help you create fake ones, truth is very fragile today anyway. On the other side, back of your head will be greatfull for soft natural comfort provided.

sea weed pillow

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