"Beach volley" - 2015. supported by Grad Zadar

we fenced beach volley court and get us new net

"From deep sea for deep sleep"- 2016. supported by Ministry of development

We made production line to produce sea weed pillows

Sport tradition comeback in Olib - 2016, supported by Grad Zadar

We made 1st night beach volley tournament

Basketball in Olib-2016. supported by Grad Zadar

we repaired holes at the old basketball court, placed new tables, rims and supporting constructions and organized the 1st nigh basketball tournament

Sport activity club - 2016. supported by Grad Zadar

We got table tennis, darts and pool billiard

Silent Disco -Riga - 2016. supported EK in Erasmus+ program

We were sending organization in Youth exchange project in Riga (Latvia), we brought 10 young DJs to exchange skills, knowledge, tips and tricks in DJ ing and audio production with their Latvian collegues from Riga DJ School

Posidonia oceanica for sustainability - 2107 supported by Zadarska Županija

we made a web site and marketing of the sea weed products

"Olipski suhozidi 2017" supported by foundation "Kajo Dadić"

3 day workshop on dry stonewall building, 17 people grasped basics and built 20 m of dry stonewall.

Junior basketball tournament "Slovenia open - Olib 2017." - suported by Zadarska županija

Basketball tournament for kids under 15

Night beach volley Olib 2017. - supported by Grad Zadar

international mixed team  night time beach volley tournament

Small sports summer - Olib 2017 - supported by Grad Zadar

Table tennis tournaments

Slovenija Open 2018 - basketball tournament for kids up to 15, completely funded by us

We organized internation basketball tournament "3 on 3" for kids up to age of 15

Treba mi u Zadru - 2018. -completely funded by us

We organized a volunteer to do a small things (like bring medicine or meet from market) from Zadar for islanders on Monday and Thursday during Oct, Nov and Dec 2018.


"Olipski suhozidi 2" - 2018. supported by Grad Zadar

Two day workshop themed with dry stone wall building, advanced technikques.

Social and health help for elders at Olib - 2018 Supported by MDOMSP

We got vehicle to bring groceries from stores to elders and we got computer to be able to make connection with doctor when she can't come to Olib

virtual medical practice - 2018. supported by "Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva"

We got computer placed in Zadruga on Monday and Friday if doctor cant come to Olib so the islanders can make audivisual connection with her.

"Sunce, more, lažina i genijalna pergola" - 2019. supported by MRRFEU

We invented and produced "genijalna pergola" to use isalnd's resources sun,sea and sea weed present in abundance all over our and other dalmatian islands

Home care, psychological, physical and technical assistance for elder at island of Olib - 2019. supported by MDOMSP

Monday till Friday mornings we help elders from January till the end of June.